The Bronze

Just watched The Bronze (2015) starring Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan, it was and incredible film that made me laugh that tells the story of a washed up bronze medal gymnast who goes on a journey that helps deal with her loss of fame and glory. I really enjoyed it, 8/10!


I went on a hot air balloon!

So, while on a short spell in Ibiza my aunt planned a surprise, unfortunately it was not a surprise for long as she ended up telling but the experience was fun nonetheless. We got up really early and met the people we thought had planned the outing but they ended up just being the people we were flying with- a bit creepy when you don’t speak Spanish and you’ve just been told you’re sat in the car with two random people. Eventually the right people turned up and we drove into the heart of the island, parking in a field still surrounded by mist.we then proceed to help set up the hot air balloon and let me tell you there is nothing more amazing than being stood in front of one of these things as it inflates, the fire roars and wakes you up and the balloon becomes the biggest thing you’ve ever seen- taking up the whole sky!​

and then when everything is finally done you have to clamber into the basket, you are stood quite literally back to back with, in my case, two people you don’t know and you grip the handles and maybe even squeeze your eyes shut waiting to take off. And you wait. And wait. And wait. And then you open your eyes and realise you’ve already weightlessly taken off and your floating away like air. Sensations take over, you feel the soft breeze and the heat of the fire against the back of your neck. You hear the roar of the flames and the quiets chatter of birds in the early morning. You feel weightless. And the views…​

It truly was an emotional experience and it was something that has given me a different outlook on life, and the only thing that ruined it was landing in a nest of spiders but even that was extremely beautiful. When we had landed and helped pack away the equipment we were christened with some champagne and chose our own nicknames, in the spur of the moment I chose winnie- as in Winnie the Pooh…it got a bit messy and I had champagne in my hair but I was so happy and so amazed at what I’d just done. I feel like had an epiphany while I was up there, I realised that there is so much out there waiting for me to do, there is quite literally nothing stopping from going out and doing it. So while I’m back home, in the cold rainy weather all I need to think about is the sunshine waiting for me just above the clouds.


The breeze blew her hair wildly, curls cascading, crimson lips shake beneath them releasing a single breath. The salty air renewed her spirits, the waves crashing her worries beneath the tide. Finally, she could relax.

Model: Isabelle turley